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What Sets The Chad Smith Real Estate Solutions Team Apart? MVVP

Mission (Spiritual):

To build a business that honors God, our family members, and everyone we have an opportunity to serve.

Mission (Tactical):

To build a business that funds the perfect life by empowering the team members with the opportunity to  grow and reach their potential.


The CSRESN is the team of choice for a new generation of real estate professionals working in multiple  locations; where each team member is seeking their own mission through the shared values and path created by the CSRESN.


God, Spouse, Children, Business.

Purpose (Spiritual):

To be the light of the world and a channel of blessing into the kingdom of God.

Matthew 6:33, Matthew 28:18-20

Purpose (Tactical):

To create wealth to enrich our lives and those of our family, friends, clients, customers, and change the face  of the communities we live in by building careers for others and by doing good works for many.