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What to Ask When Interviewing Realtors

1.Do you work as a team, or do you try to do everything yourself?

When you hire The Chad Smith Team, you get 12 agents working for you for the same cost of One! The Chad Smith  Team members specialize in their individual roles to maximize efficiency in the process of selling your home. We believe in  providing the best experience possible to our clients with customer service that is top-notch.

2.If you have a team, is your staff licensed?

The Chad Smith Team consists of all licensed real estate agents which insures we know what we are doing when it  comes to selling your home. It is important to us that as we market and sell your home, everything is done efficiently  and within all legal parameters.

3.Who is your broker?

Keller Williams Realty is the #1 broker in North America which give us access to the most cutting edge technology, real  estate education and research for our team members in the entire industry.

4.How many homes have you sold?

The Chad Smith Team has over 100 years of combined experience in the real estate industry and has successfully  helped over 6,000 families and individuals buy or sell real estate across the metroplex and surrounding areas since  2004.

5.What percentage of your listings sell vs expire and go off the market?

The Chad Smith Team has a great track record for selling the listings that we put on the market. We sell 10% more of our  listings than the average real estate agent in our market. Our goal is to get you the most money possible for your home.

6.What makes you different from the average agent?

We are passionate about making your real estate transaction successful and our team has proven results you can trust.  According to the Texas Association of Realtors, the typical agent sold only 8 homes in 2016. You deserve a team with  the experience of closing over 185 houses a year consistently. The Chad Smith Team uses aggressive state of the art  marketing exposure utilizing the very best technology available with professional staging and HDR professional  photography to drive maximum traffic exposure to your listing.

7.What is your percentage of List Price to Sales Price?

The Chad Smith Team over the past year has sold their listings at an average of 99.72% of List-to-Sales-Price. That simply  means that our market analysis is very accurate and our listings typically sell for the asking price. We are confident that  when priced effectively, nobody is better at determining your value than us.

8.What is your average days on market for all of your listings year to date?

Our team has an average of 27 days on market for all of our listings across all price points. Some sell in less than 24 hours  while others may take a bit longer depending on the price point. Averaging all of our price points from 125k to 3 million  we are thrilled to have such an efficient and timely process for our clients.

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